Increase Your Income and Share Your Expertise

Launch Your Own Course in 4 Weeks

Hi! I’m Kristie!

I teach entrepreneurs and network marketers how to propel their business online. 

I focus on utilizing strategies such as virtual summits, courses, podcasts and video to grow their brand in the online space. 

I have created courses for myself and for others and now I am showing you my simple, 4 step process to launch your very own course online. 

I believe creating course content is a great way to grow and show up as an expert in your niche. 

Courses are also a great way to start making passive income. And with my process, you will achieve your course creation goals!

So What Will You Learn in Bankable Course Creation?

There are dozens of courses out there that teach you how to create a course, but not many teach you how to actually sell and market that course. 

That is what makes this course creation course bankable. 

You will not only learn the step by step process of creating and launching your course, but you will also learn how to get that course to your audience and make it irresistable enough that they will be pulling out their credit cards with no problem at all. 

If you are: 

Ready to increase your brand awarness

Ready to have a surge of revenue on top of what you may already be accomplishing

Ready to grow your email list and expand your reach

This course is for you.

You will learn my proven system to launching and selling your course in just 4 weeks.

This is not quick, superficial content. You will be challenged and pushed to create a bankable course that will help you increase your income.

Before launching my first course, I was trading a lot of my time for dollars. As a busy mom of three kids, I just couldn’t keep  doing things the same way. I was beginning to sacrifice time with my family to be on call for my clients, and I needed something to change. 

I know I wanted to 1) grow quickly, 2) have a consistent income, 3) and be able to spend more time with my family. 

So I decided to take the leap…

and here we are. I now have two courses in rotation and one consistent course that runs on autopilot. 


So What's Included in Bankable Content Creation?

how to launch a course in 2020

In this course, you will receive:


Weekly Live Strategy Sessions

Video Tutorials

Launch Plans

Email Scripts

Marketing Strategy

Templates and Guides

and so much more!

Module 1: Introduction

Introduction to online courses. crafting and reviewing your launch plan.

Module 2: Logistics and Content Planning

Course topic, name, launch dates, pricing, structure, technology and more covered in this module.

Module 3: Marketing and Design

Setup email marketing, funnels, social promotion, outline and design course.

Module 4: Beta and Promotion

Getting Beta testers, marketing your course, and affiliates.

But wait, there's more!

Bonus Content Included:

Affiliate Agreement Template ($67 Value)

Hot Seat Strategy Sessions ($197 Value)

Going Live Strategies for Instagram and Facebook ($67 Value)

Facebook Group for Paid Students ($27 Value)

creating a daily work at home routine

What About the Technology Involved?

This course outlines a variety of technologies you can choose from to assemble your online course, including a cost comparison.

Also, the structure of the course is taught without referencing any particular technology.

Since it would be impossible to provide tech tutorials and screencasts of all existing software options available, this course also provides full tech tutorials of systems I use to host my courses.

However: You do not need these exact tools to succeed with Bankable Course Creation!

Everything you need to learn is taught to you regardless of which technology you choose!

Explode Your Income and Create Your Bankable Course in 4 Weeks!

Opens again Summer 2021

Here are some FAQs

How will I access Bankable Content Creation?

The course content  will be accessed via Thinkific. Students will also have access to a Facebook group created just for them to be able to receive instant feedback during the course. Live strategy calls will be completed via Zoom at the end of each week. 

What is the refund policy?

While your satisfaction is my ultimate goal, I realize that isn’t always the case. Due to the nature of the course (materials made available, time and effort put in for trainings and live calls), I currently only provide refunds under a case by case basis once the course is completed requiring a phone or video call, reason for refund, and proof that you have done the work. Email to request your refund.