Why You Need A Podcast in 2021

Why You Need A Podcast in 2021

Podcasting is transforming the way millions of people consume content. It is a way for people to be educate or entertained without having to set aside much time in their day, which makes it super convenient. But here’s why you need a podcast in 2021.

Podcasts make it simple for hosts to connect with and build their audience in a way that blogging and YouTube don’t. As a matter of fact, while there are millions of  blogs (600 million) and YouTube channels (23 million), there are only 800,000 podcast; meaning there is more space for your voice in podcasting. 

If you an entrepreneur or even a stay at home mom looking for a creative outlet, podcasting can offer you some really amazing opportunities if done right. 

Start Up is Simple

To get started, you really don’t need a ton of equipment or to make a huge investment. Podcast listeners are all about content. My very first podcast episode was NOT perfect quality. But people still listened. As long as your content is targeted and there is an audience for it, people will listen. 

You can start a podcast with your phone, headphones and upload it to a site such as SoundCloud in a few simple steps. You can purchase a decent podcasting mic (affiliate link) for less than $70 if you are wanting to get a more quality sound. There are so many affordable options when it comes to hardware and software for podcasting.

Take a listen to my early years on my first ever podcast show. (I now co-host another show called Mocha Mamas and will be launching my own show soon.) Even my graphics have come a long way since then haha.

Produce Long Form Content is Less Time

I spend an average of 3-4 days on a long form blog post between SEO, editing, finding images and links, creating Pinterest images and other promotional content. It takes a lot more invested time. Even with creating video, having the perfect space to shoot, best time to shoot, outfits, makeup, all of that extra jazz is required for a nice, clean video. With podcasting, I can literally wear my pajamas with a dusty face, sit down and start to record. 

Of course there may be a few more steps in there, it definitely doesn’t take as much time to produce podcast content versus blog content. I can easily batch a few episodes in an hour but it would take me days to write as many blog posts. 

As bloggers and content creators, we know the importance of long form content in the online space. Podcasts allow hosts to produce the same quality content in less time. 

It Is Personal

Much like video, podcasting allows your audience to connect with you on a more personal level than blogging does. Your personality and emotions come across and your audience is able to connect with that much better than words on a webpage. After listening to you over and over, your audience builds a connection of trust in your brand and in you. Trust is  essential in building a brand and your voice and expertise fosters that trust.

why you need a podcast in 2020

It's Honestly Fun

I mentioned above that I already co-host a podcast and am wanting to start a new podcast on my own. Once you get into the groove, it becomes fun to do. You are able to connect with your audience on a deeper level and even get to know some great people in your niche if you decide to do interviews. I enjoy the process of creating, editing, and sharing my podcast content with my audience. It is such a great feeling. 

If you are thinking about launching a podcast in 2021, be sure to grab my FREE Podcast Cheat Sheet below. It will show you what to expect before launching and breaks down the steps for launching. 

Looking for more help? Check out my upcoming live course, Project Podcast. It is a 4-week intensive course that will walk you through the entire launching process. 

Podcasting is transforming the way people consume content and support brands. This is the perfect time for you to start. If the above reasons aren’t enough to convince you that this is why you need a podcast in 2021, take a look through the podcast section in iTunes. There is no limit for what you can do!

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