Creating a Daily Work at Home Routine

Creating a Daily Work at Home Routine

Working from home has never been an easy task for me. As a mom of three, I have found there is no one true way to have a balanced work from home life. Because I have struggled in this area so much, I have tried various methods over the years. From time blocking to planning out every last minute of the day, but nothing really gave me the balance I was looking for. 

In essence, I had to find what worked best for me and my family. So no matter how many blog posts you might read on the topic of finding balance as a work from home mom, this one will be the most honest and authentic one you will ever read about creating a daily work at home routine.

Write Down What You Want

What is ideal for you? What would you like your day to look like? Knowing exactly what you want to achieve is going to allow you to uncover the steps to finding that all around balance you are seeking in your daily life. 

My goals won’t look like your goals; which is why I think trying all these different methods and failing at them has made us come to believe it’s impossible to do. In reality, we are not in the same shoes as those who are sharing these methods and our goals are different as well. 

Spend time getting clear on what you want to achieve each day and what that would do for you as a parent and as a business owner. 

For me, my ideal day would allow me to wake up earlier than my children to pack lunches for my school aged kids and having a cup of coffee in peace. I’d like to get the bulk of my chores for the day done by lunch so that I can use the afternoon to get work done before the kids come home from school. I’d like to get my kids to bed by 9pm and wind down in the evenings with my husband. 

The next step would be to figure out the details of how exactly I can get all the things I wrote down done.

Set A Routine

Routines are everything, especially when  you are a parent. Kids thrive off routines and so do we. 

A routine doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to have everything you will do each day down to the minute. It should include some definites (ex. Kids need to be up at 7am and in bed by 9pm), and consistent things you will do each day (ex. get fresh air outdoors after lunch). From there, you can create your routine around those things.

One of my favorite things to do is to jot down my top 3’s: 3 things I MUST get done no matter what. Everything else is a bonus. 

Find what works best for you and do that. 

creating a daily work at home routine

It Won't Be Perfect

Nope, not at all. Everyday won’t be perfect, especially if you have small ones at home with you while you work from home. 

You can set up all the activities you want for your children and have a perfectly laid out and planned day and something could still cause you not to get everything done. And that is okay! 

I used to be the one who would be upset if I didn’t finish my to do list or stay up into the latest hours of the night to try to catch up. Once you accept that every day won’t be perfect, you can achieve a lot more and be satisfied with what you do accomplish. 

Throw Balance Out the Equation

The balance thing is tough. Either you will give more time to your family or to your business at least once. Some days, I work work work and other days I lay around with my toddler and watch Netflix. Maybe that’s the balance. Haha. But there’s no one day that I have completely balanced work and my home life. 

Again, that’s okay.

Give each day your best and don’t worry about the rest.

I created a daily sheet to help you create a well rounded routine for daily life as you work from home around your life. 

It outlines your ideal day, your top 3 must do’s, any chores and family activities for the day as well as what you will have for dinner. It helps keep you on track and consistent each day. 

No email necessary, grab it HERE and let me know how helpful it becomes in creating a daily work at home routine!

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