How to Become a Mom Vlogger on YouTube

How to Become a Mom Vlogger on YouTube

Hey, you! If you are here, you are ready to launch your YouTube career. Funny thing is, I recently deleted all 105 of my latest videos from YouTube.



I was feeling super stuck and not really making content that I was happy with 1000000%. So, I took it all down. I am ready to start a fresh YouTube journey and I want to do it with you!

So, let’s begin!

You are here because you want to know how to become a mom vlogger on YouTube…and rock at it! So cheers, let’s do this!

Do Research

I think this is one of the most important steps when it comes to starting anything, no matter what it is. Because of just how saturated the YouTube space is, it is vital in order to have a successful YouTube channel in 2019.

Take the time to watch content related to what you want to create (I’ll come back to this in a moment), and see what works and more importantly, what doesn’t.

Choose A Niche

Having a YouTube channel where nothing seems to be cohesive whatsoever, will not succeed. Knowing exactly what your channel will be about and delivering content around that central idea will allow your subscribers to find you and stick around because they know what to expect.

As a mom vlogger, we create content that surrounds mom life and all the things that come along with that. You may decide to do weekly or even daily vlogging sharing your real life. When people come to your channel, they know to expect that.

Make everything clear to your viewers. Let them know what type of content you will create. I’ve seen creators lose viewers simply because they were all over the board with their content.

How to become a mom vlogger on YouTube and be successful!

Create Consistently

No matter what is your schedule is, stick to it. I was uploading Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at one point; then I stopped uploading on Sunday because that was too much. Now, I plan to only upload once a week.

Statistically, uploading more doesn’t necessarily increase your following, creating quality content does. So if your content is trash and you upload every day; it won’t matter. I feel as though, I can create better content for my audience if I reduce how often I actually upload.

Find a schedule that works best for you so you don’t get overwhelmed like I did!

Start Creating

When I first wanted to know how to become a mom vlogger, I didn’t know how to start. But really, all you have to do is…start!

Whip out your phone and start vlogging. You don’t need a fancy camera or equipment. You don’t even need fancy programs to edit your videos. I can share all my tips and what I have used in a separate blog post soon. I plan to make to make this a helpful series.

In the meantime, get to creating! You won’t regret it. Join some helpful Facebook groups like this one ran by Clueless Mama D. She is super hands on and does a great job with helping the YouTube creators in the group.

What do you plan to vlog about? Share your channels in the comment so I can join your community!

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