Best Fiction Books for Moms in 2019

Best Fiction Books for Moms in 2019

Books, please!

I am enjoying spending more and more time getting the opportunity to read. One of my favorite types of books are fiction books. Sometimes, I just love a really good story. Do you prefer nonfiction? Comment below and I will compile a post just for you!

There are so many fiction genres from contemporary to thrillers. Hopefully, a few of these books are something you’d love.

As a extremely busy mom, I often get overwhelmed and need a little break from reality. Cozying up to a good book and a glass of wine before bed, really helps me to relax and takes me to my happy place. 

I am now hosting a book club over on Facebook, Moms Making Time to Read. I would totally love to have you join in.

But let’s jump into the books. Here are the best fiction books for moms in 2019 and some honorable mentions. 

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Books to Read in 2019

I have heard AMAZING things about this book. I have this on me TBR (to be read) list and can’t wait to share my thoughts. 

Evelyn was an actress in the 1950’s and she seeks out a reporter named Monique to share her life story, which includes her seven husbands. 

Another book on my TBR list, Ayesha at Last is a highly rated novel. 

Ayesha is a young Muslim woman paying off her debts to her wealthy uncle, working as a teacher. She faces various crossroads in her life, one of them dealing with arranged marriage.


Evvie Drake lost her husband a year ago and barely leaves her house. Dean, Evvie’s husband’s best friend, is facing issues with his baseball career and decides to getaway from it all and ends up in the apartment behind Evvie’s house. The two of them embark on a comeback journey worth reading about.

Girls Like Us is a story about FBI Agent Nell Flynn, who faces the truth about her father, a former detective, during her work on a murder case while in her hometown. 


Kristin is preparing for her best friend’s wedding although she is dealing with the possibility of a procedure that will cause infertility. Then she meets the best man, Josh, who ultimately wants to have a big family someday. This is a fun, sassy tale of infertility, loss, friendship and love.


Set in the 1920’s, this is a story about three women, all mothers, who’s lives seem separate but overlap with the battles they are facing. 

Lucy is the only one who seems to hate her mother-in-law, Diana, who is a well liked community activist. Diana is eventually found dead from an apparent suicide, claiming it was due to cancer; except she didn’t have cancer. So who killed Diana?

best fiction books for moms in 2019

Honorable Mentions

Pasty tells the story of motherhood, immigration, and the sacrifices we make.

A single mom is finally living the life she loves when her high school sweetheart comes back into her life.


Two women from two different timelines each go on a journey of discovery as a result of one choosing to love someone she shouldn’t.

A single mom, Amy, gets a free summer in the city when her ex keeps the kids. At the end of the summer, she has to decide whether to stay in her new life or return to the life she wanted to escape.


Have you read any of these titles this year? Any new titles you are interested in? 

Share any other fiction titles you’d think another mom would like in the comments! Follow me on Goodreads to see what I am reading and my reviews!

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