How To Make Time to Do What You Love (When You Are a Busy Mom!)

How To Make Time to Do What You Love (When You Are a Busy Mom!)

As a busy mom of three kids, life often gets extremely hectic and as much as I want to, it’s so hard to make time to do the things that I actually enjoy. 

Six months have passed this year already and I refuse to go into the second half of the year like a chicken with my head cut off. 

So just how do we as busy mom, make time to do what we love? 

Girl, let’s figure it out together!


Start with Your One Thing

If you are like me, you probably have a ton of things you enjoy and wish you could do all the things; and because you can’t, it’s hard to know where to start.

Before trying to juggle all the things, start with one thing. 

Right now, I am loving getting back into writing and reading. I had been able to read here and there, but what I really wanted to do, was get back to writing with the hopes of one day publishing a novel. So how the heck could I write a novel with three kids?


Cut Out Time Wasters

I took a look at where all my time was going. One of the biggest time sucks for me was, you guessed it, social media. I spent a few days being more conscientious about how I was spending my time. I realized I was wasting a TON of time scrolling on social media platforms. 

I also realized that I was not using my mornings to my advantage. I was waking up at 7 and laying in my bed for nearly and hour on my phone checking emails, social media, and Google topics. 

So I declared to stop wasting my mornings and to only spend a certain amount of time throughout the day.

How to Make Time for Yourself

Block Your Time

Time blocking is the main way I am able to get anything done, nowadays. It has not only helped me to be more productive and get rid of those time wasters, but, I am now able to make more time for myself by scheduling it. 

There is no reason why we shouldn’t be spending time doing what we enjoy. Not every day will be perfect, of course. There will be times when our kids and our families will need us more than normal. Kids get sick, we get sick, anything can happen. But for the most part, we should be spending at least 30 minutes a day on ourselves. 

I think it is essential, not only for our happiness, but for our overall mental health. 

Your Health is Important

This isn’t about luxury, but about your mental health. You need to put yourself back on the priority list. 

Self-care goes beyond the normal pedicures and massages. Spending time for yourself to write, to pray, to cry, to vent, to sew, or let out any frustrations, not only helps you mentally, but makes you a happier and better mom

You need this, mama. Making time for yourself is so important. 

I have declared to write more and read more, and do more things that make me happy (and feel no guilt about it!).

If you also like to read, I am now hosting a book club over on Facebook, Moms Making Time to Read! I hope to see you there. 

What are some things you wished you had time to do? Share in the comments.

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