Our Summer Homeschool Schedule

Our Summer Homeschool Schedule

Summer is here for us! I am loving the weather and looking forward to checking things off our summer bucket list. Our summer homeschool schedule is super flexible but there are a few things that we have to do each day. Those are the things I will be sharing with you all below.

Our family is blended so my oldest two go to their dad’s for most of the summer. For that reason, we don’t have a set in stone schedule for homeschool this summer. 

But here’s a look at what we do:

1. Daily Chores

Each day, all of the kids (and myself), have chores to do after breakfast. 

I created a chore chart and they complete their daily tasks before starting any homeschool tasks. 

They always start with making their beds and tidying up their rooms and getting dressed for the day. Then, they check their chart to see what they have to do that day. 

2. Reading

My favorite task on our summer homeschool schedule is reading. While they read quietly, I can get some much needed work done for the day. So this is for me as well.

They read a chapter from their Ambleside Online reading list and then they can read a fun book after they are done. For Micah, it’s comic and for Nya, it’s American Girl books.

3. Science Activity

Finally, they select a simple science activity that everyone can do together. This allows them to play and learn as a group. 

Check out my video above to see them in action!

What does your homeschool schedule look like this summer?

Summer Homeschool Schedule

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