3 Things You Must Do at Medieval Times to Have a Great Time

3 Things You Must Do at Medieval Times to Have a Great Time

This post is sponsored by Medieval Times. My review was given in exchange for free admission. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

After a recent visit to Medieval Times in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, I now believe in the magic of this place! The kids and I absolutely had a blast. There was an elderly couple to our right and a young family of four to my left showing me that Medieval Times was an event for all ages, literally.

Medieval Times Dinner and Tour is an attraction event that takes you back to medieval times with a show and dinner (that you eat without utensils!). Between the lights, music, horses, and musical score, everyone is sure to enjoy the show.

From the moment you walk in, you are taken back in time. Everyone is dressed and speaking the part. We has a Lord come over to the kids while we were waiting to go into the main arena and he spoke as if it were medieval times. He also used some words they weren’t familiar with and explained their meaning.

There are so many great things I can say about Medieval Times, but there are a few things I want to share that you must do to have a great time.

Arrive Early.

Unless you upgrade to VIP tickets (which include some really cool exclusive goodies), your table seating is first come first served. The earlier you arrive, the better seating you will get!

While you wait, there are tons of things to explore and fun things to purchase in the hall the kids would love.

There is also a full service bar for parents and a non-alcoholic bar for everyone else! I definitely took advantage and ordered a glass of wine. I mean, it’s a two hour show! Haha.

Pack Light.

I have three kids and one is a toddler so I tend to bring a large bag of things wherever I go. Do your best to minimize if you are like me. Seats are pretty close to each other and so there isn’t a ton of room for you and your whole house at the tables.

Also if you are waiting for about an hour and there is a full house, you wouldn’t want to be worried about your bags or any other important items while you are enjoying the medieval atmosphere.

Only bring in essentials.

Have extra cash on hand.

I am big on keeping spending within a budget. I will say, one of the things I did not like most was that during the show, it seemed like every fifteen minutes someone was coming by trying to sell something.

Don’t go crazy! I swiped my card a zillion times. I’d definitely bring a cash budget that I want to stick to and keep it low.

Some really great things to definitely buy are keepsakes like the photos they take when you enter, glasses or the cups with drink orders, and the flags or banners. I love to get things to remind us of the experience.

Medieval Times Dinner and Tour was an amazing experience for the kids and me. I would definitely visit again. The food was amazing, the acting and music was great, and the horses were beautiful!

To have an even better time, be sure to come early, only bring in what you need, and stick to your budget! You don’t want to regret anything afterwards!

Have you ever been to Medieval Times? Share in the comments below!

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